[English] Interview with Jakub Kowalski, Product Director for GWENT


We talk with Jakub Kowalski, Product Director for GWENT of CD Projekt RED, about what's coming in the game: the single campaign mode, its competitive future, if there will be a new faction, if they will launch a Physical version and the future on mobile platforms. Next, the entire interview.

Q: What can you say about the single campaign mode? Will you include stories that you had to put away on the Witcher 3? Or will we see more book-related stories? Do you know how much it will be?

Jakub Kowalski (Product Director, CD PROJEKT RED): The Witcher universe is a very rich one with tons of stories to tell and we want to flesh out these stories in GWENT. Campaigns aren’t just simple opportunities to play cards, which is only part of the experience — think of it as a battle system similar to a turn-based RPG. Each campaign will offer hours of story-driven single player content and introduce both new characters, as well as returning fan favorites, including Geralt. A lot of the people you encounter during your journey are actually cards that may end up joining you and strengthening your deck. Or not. It largely depends on the decisions you make along the way. And since the story is being written by the same people who worked on the story for The Witcher 3, you can expect to face a lot of tough choices and brutal consequences.

Q: Will there be another GWENT faction? Any hint about it?

Jakub Kowalski: Right now we’re focusing on ones already available in the game, which already offer a lot of variety in terms of gameplay. While you may start playing Monsters by, say, relying on weather, chipping away at the health of enemy units, there are more ways to play the faction for you to discover. As you go on, you may want to create a deck revolving around the Consume ability, which lets you absorb the strength of allies as you destroy them. Or you can create a hybrid of both these play styles, or something else entirely. And each one will feel and play completely different.

Q: Many people asked about the physical version of GWENT. Is there going to be any kind of merchandising related?

Jakub Kowalski: We thought adding physical cards would be a cool addition to the retail releases of the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions for The Witcher 3. But the GWENT we’re developing now is a online competitive card game. It’s different from back when it was a minigame in The Witcher 3 not only because it’s bigger, featuring multiplayer, ranked mode and more than 300 cards already. It’s also growing and will continue to grow as we go on. The dozens of ways in which cards, abilities, mechanics affect each other, and how every change impacts gameplay — it would be impossible to keep both the online and physical version of GWENT the same. And that’s something to would be extremely confusing to players.

Q: How long last the seasons in GWENT? Will there be rewards for the top players?

Jakub Kowalski: Seasons will each play out over the course of around 2 months. As for rewarding the players, everyone who participates in ranked play, as well as for playing GWENT in general receives rewards for their progress — gaining levels, ranking up, completing challenges. Rewards include Card Kegs, Scraps used to craft cards, Meteorite Powder for creating their animated versions, Gold, and cards themselves. Specifically for ranked play, gamers will be able to unlock titles, avatars, and avatar borders. Plus the top 1000 players at the end of each season will receive exclusive titles and borders only available for that particular season.

Q: Will GWENT be on Android and iOS?

Jakub Kowalski: That’s something we’re being asked a lot, and obviously it would be amazing to see players enjoy GWENT on other platforms. For now, however, we’re working to make sure the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions of the game are awesome.

Q: How do you see competitive GWENT in America? Are you planning tournaments in the region?

Jakub Kowalski: GWENT is still in beta and making the game a great experience is our number one priority. Still, we’re seeing more and more gamers, including those in America, wanting to play GWENT competitively and that’s why GWENT Challenger happened. We had a lot of fun organizing the event, but it’s still early days for GWENT in this regards and we’ll see what the future brings.

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